About Us

Favor Fruits and Vegetables, as a subsidiary of Favor Food Group, is a global company which brings together under the same roof both qualified suppliers and trustable buyers by using its international strong network. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, our company operates in the fields of dried and frozen fruits and vegetables as well and increases its market share day by day. Our company mainly focus on the export of value-added products in the fruit and vegetable sector by following the new developing technologies, closely. We supply products and provide quality control service to our ‘friends’ in a total of 24 countries, ranging from Japan to the US, notably the Middle East and Europe. In accordance with our ‘Quality Policy’, we monitor throughout the year all the products we supply, following all the processes from harvest to packaging, and deliver them under the guaranteed of “the FAVOR” brand to the final consumers.
We know the importance of “preserving freshness” while exporting produce to distant geographies and we focus on the R&D activities. Fully aware of this responsibility, we provide sales advantage to our customers by alternative production and packaging methods and also “avoiding chemicals” in terms of extending the shelf life. We work intensively on R&D with all our capabilities and opportunities; to enable our costumers store the products for an extended period of time, even the products are out of season, and sell them with high profit margins. Alongside to our quality-oriented trade mentality, we also give priority to ‘Costumer Satisfaction’ services. We effectively solve all problems that may be encountered thanks to infrastructure we have established and 24/7 accessible regional offices. Besides Turkish products, thanks to our ability to supply products from alternative origins, we provide all services for four seasons throughout the year without breaking the supply chain.